Harte Hanks (1)Harte Hanks (NYSE: HHS), announced the launch of Data Refinery℠ – a Hadoop-based platform as a service (PaaS) solution that compiles, validates and enriches customer data from disparate sources to provide marketers with a clear view of customer behavior and intention.

Harte Hanks is introducing Data Refinery to answer the ‘Big Data’ question of how organizations can harness and manage the ever-expanding volume of customer data. Data Refinery sorts and manages large volumes of data across multiple sources in near real time, creating application-specific customer profiles based on the most accurate and timely data available. Data Refinery’s flexible data ingestion and preparation allow for on-demand analysis and modeling, enabling the creation of more personalized, relevant content based on near real-time feedback, increasing sales pipeline velocity and MROI.

While marketing intelligence has been a boon to brands in the digital age, many companies now face increasing challenges on how to best manage, utilize and capitalize on the breadth and depth of data available to turn it into actionable insights. Data Refinery can help enable better, more efficient marketing decisions and segmentation to significantly improve campaign performance. Gaining Insight from consumer behavior is more available and accurate than ever before, but harnessing the disparate sources and types of data to create this picture can be confusing, time consuming and costly.

In order to turn Big Data into big business results, marketers must increasingly find ways to compile unrelated data elements, both structured or unstructured. Data Refinery helps determine and select only the most valuable data elements. The result is smarter, more personal and more connected customer interactions.

Source:  Sys-com.com