HC International (HCI) is an established player in China’s domestic B2B media industry. HCI’s primary businesses are: publishing trade catalogues and Yellow Page directories, operating online marketplaces and conducting market research. In 2008, HCI’s revenues were RMB 314 million (US$46 million) which is a 12% increase over the RMB 279 million (US$38 million) recorded in 2007.[1] About 44% of 2008 revenues came from HCI’s trade catalogue and Yellow Page directory business, while the company’s online services contributed 37% of the total. The market research and consulting business generated 16% of revenues. The remaining 3% of revenues came from a variety of sources.

HCI appears to be increasingly focused on the small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market in China. Many of its strategic and product development moves seem to belatedly mimic Alibaba.com. HCI added an instant messaging tool named “Hui Cong Fafa” to its domestic sourcing platform in late 2007. In January 2008, the company launched, “Jin Bang Tin Ming”, a paid search ranking service. More recently, in cooperation with YeePay, HCI integrated an online payment solution into the HC360.com platform.

HCI historical focus on domestic sourcing in China is facing mounting competition as well-financed and experienced online operators (e.g. Alibaba.com and Global Sources) become increasingly dedicated to growing their domestic sourcing platforms in China.   Courtesy: Business Strategies Group  www.bsgasia.com

BIIA Newsletter May 2009 Issue