Modern Analytics Uses Technographics to Maximize Business Intelligence

For years, Modern Analytics has offered fully automated, machine learning-based predictive analytics to support informed decision making in all facets of business.  While Modern Analytics offers the latest data science tools for modeling and computation, its customers still have a critical need for quality data to get better answers to their customer service, sales and business process questions. By partnering with HG Data, Modern Analytics can give its customer’s access to comprehensive technographics they did not have before.

How Technographics Improve Accuracy:  The granular tech install information available in HG Data’s technographics allows customers to build more accurate models, uncover new trends and deliver actionable forecasts. Before using technographics, many customers would experience gaps in their data. This led to a large degree of variability in their models and inconclusive results that were hard to explain. By augmenting their data sets with technographics, customers have improved the explainability of their models, leading to much better outcomes, including:

  • Improved sales efficiency
  • Identification of new and relevant prospects for marketing and sales outreach
  • More accurate customer satisfaction scores
  • Technographics Deliver Best Results

According to Modern Analytic’s Chief Analytics Officer, Matthias Kheder:

“Out of all the data providers I have worked with – which is all of them – the improvements HG Data produced in our models was more than significant. HG Data eliminated a lot of the noise that the others couldn’t explain and filled in a lot of gaps. HG Data raised results by 16%, and raised interpretability by 12%. This is huge. By comparison, 5% is typically a very good return.”

Source: HG Data Press Release