HG Data200MeritDirect announces a strategic partnership with HG Data, a leader in competitive intelligence for installed technologies.  The relationship between the two companies will include MeritDirect assuming management of the HG Data list rental database and HG Data technology install intelligence becoming integrated into MeritDirect data products.

HG Data Technology Users Masterfile Universe: 8.4+ Million

“MeritDirect has become a trusted advisor to many of our enterprise technology clients.  So marrying the HG Data installed technology dataset with a multitude of MeritDirect’s products just makes sense for all involved.  The real winner here is the marketplace.” says Mark Godley, CRO of HG Data.

“HG Data has become the industry leader in providing reliable technology install data and many of our customers already rely on their intelligence for their account based marketing efforts.  By having their technology install data native in our contact environments, it will offer a turnkey solution for our customers.  We are excited to have HG Data join our managed list roster and it furthers our depth and commitment to the high-tech vertical.” says Chris Blohm, SVP of Data + Media Services at MeritDirect.

About MeritDirect

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Source:  HG Data Press Release