HG Data Company, a technology startup transforming the business intelligence industry, has been honored as one of the three most innovative “big data” startups at the Data 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

“While LinkedIn maps the relationships between people in business, HG Data maps the relationships between the actual businesses,” said Craig Harris, Founder and CEO of HG Data. “Our service uncovers and structures a mountain of data about the technology products and services that businesses are using, converting it into the richest source of actionable B2B sales lead information.”

HG merges data from the open web with proprietary archival information to report on which technology categories, brands and products are employed by businesses, including use by geographical location. For example, HG reports on which of over 500,000 sites in the U.S. are running any of 200 different SAP products and modules. The company currently tracks more than a thousand different enterprise technologies, ranging from suppliers Adobe Systems to Zoho.

The Data 2.0 Summit designation for superior innovation was determined by two different panels of venture capital investors who selected candidates from a large field of start-ups addressing large scale data applications and tools.

Source: HG Data