HG DATA new funding round AUpdata invests in HG Data and the future of big data insights.

HG Data, a global leader for competitive intelligence on installed technologies, announced recently that it has raised $12 million in Series B funding, bringing total funding across all rounds to $23 million.

Updata Partners, a leading technology growth equity firm, joins early investors, Rincon Venture Partners and Epic Ventures, to ensure HG Data is appropriately capitalized to aggressively pursue the opportunities before it.

The series B funding follows a year of significant company growth in product, dataset and revenue as well as HG Data emerging as the de facto standard in the technology sector for aggregating installed technologies.  Additionally, HG Data datasets expanded in 2015 outside of the technology sector, using its algorithms, natural language processing and machine learning to solve business challenges in the healthcare industry via a strategic partnership with HIMSS Analytics.  HG Data’s new funds will help to build on this momentum, allowing HG Data to continue to develop bleeding-edge products, increase client acquisition, expand its science and engineering expertise and continue to deliver ‘the firmographics of tomorrow’ today.

Source:  HG Data Press Release