HG Data takes its big data platform and successfully delivers results to a different industry

HG Data, the global leader in competitive intelligence for B2B technology marketers, today announced that its big data platform is now an integral part of HIMSS Analytics’ new LOGIC Discover Chrome extension, a free download that provides easily accessible insights into the medical technology used at healthcare organizations.

The LOGIC Discover tool is an expansion of a collaboration between HG Data and HIMSS Analytics, a leading provider of healthcare IT market intelligence worldwide, that began last year when both companies embarked on a mission to build the largest and most detailed B2B global healthcare market intelligence tool.

The LOGIC Discover Chrome extension provides health IT salespeople with one-click web access to important information about the healthcare organizations they are prospecting, so they can have more relevant conversations with decision makers. Using a Chrome browser, the LOGIC tool displays a wide range of information, including:

  • Installed vendors and products by function
  • Technologies which are being planned for purchase
  • The hospital’s patient revenue, number of beds, number of physicians, and physical location
  • Quick View feature that allows users to access matching data from LinkedIn, Salesforce, Microsoft 360, and Gmail

“When we began working on our LOGIC Discover Chrome extension, our goal was to combine HG Data’s extensive knowledge in curating valuable datasets with our expertise in healthcare intelligence to build a simple tool that would help take the guesswork out of researching health organizations,” Miranda Ladue, Vice President of Operations at HIMSS Analytics. “We’re very pleased that our joint effort has led to the development of an invaluable tool salespeople can use to get quick visibility into a health organization’s IT portfolio.”

“At HG Data, we’ve built a strong reputation for having the largest, most detailed dataset in the tech sector,” said Craig Harris, CEO of HG Data. “Working with a healthcare intelligence expert like HIMSS Analytics allowed us to apply our data curation technologies and processes to an entirely different industry, showing that the systems and tools we’ve put in place can be successfully leveraged across multiple industries. We’re glad to have found such a strong collaborator and look forward to our continued work with HIMSS Analytics in the healthcare intelligence space.”

About HG Data

HG Data uses advanced data science to deliver actionable insights that give B2B companies the competitive advantage they need to succeed. The best-in-class leader for accurate technographics, based on machine learning and advanced data science, HG Data provides B2B marketers with better intelligence to increase their ability to analyze, segment, and speak to their target markets, while innovative OEMs use our information to enhance and differentiate their product offerings. Our proprietary processing platform continuously analyzes billions of documents to curate a comprehensive and unparalleled business intelligence library of the software and hardware that companies use to run their business. HG Data delivers precision targeting at scale. Learn more at http://www.hgdata.com.

About HIMSS Analytics

HIMSS Analytics® is a global healthcare IT market intelligence, research, and standards organization assisting clientele in both healthcare delivery and healthcare technology solutions business development to make lasting improvements in efficiency and performance. Learn more at http://www.himssanalytics.org.

Source: HG Data Press Release