HG Data, the global leader in technology intelligence, announced its new HG Insights company name and launched the new HG Insights Platform, with next generation technographics that boost business intelligence and ignite customer growth.

HG Insights is building on its position as the world’s best technographics company, helping businesses leverage company technology intelligence to drive sales, marketing and strategy.  The new HG Insights Platform gives customers on-demand access to the best technographics in the market, allowing businesses to easily apply company spend, technology installs, and contract information to find new pathways to growth.

“We’ve always been an inventive company that finds new ways to help customers stay a step ahead,” says Elizabeth Cholawsky, CEO of HG Insights. “After seeing so many customers use our technology intelligence to make important strategic decisions, we knew it was time to define our company around the unique insights we deliver.  Our new HG Insights Platform gives us an incredible opportunity to showcase our depth and expertise to new audiences with a fresh new image.”

HG Insights launched the new company name and platform today with a completely new logo and modernized website.  “We wanted to elevate the look and feel of what has become an extremely sophisticated company,” says Kineon Walker, VP of Product and Marketing of HG Insights. “No one has the quality technographics that we have, which include the most accurate technology spend data available in the market. The new on-demand capabilities of our HG Insights Platform are unmatched by any competitor. Our unique ability to work proactively with customers to deliver the Holy Grail of business insights is reflected in our new name, and we’re excited to see our new HG Insights Platform drive growth for businesses around the world.”

About HG Insights

HG Insights is the global leader in technology intelligence.  The world’s largest technology firms and fastest growing companies achieve a tremendous advantage by using HG Insights to accelerate their sales, marketing, and strategy efforts.  Every day, HG Insights uses advanced data science methodologies to process billions of unstructured digital documents to produce the world’s best technology installation information, IT spend, and contract intelligence.  Learn more about how leading businesses use technographics to out-market, out-sell, and out-grow their competition at hginsights.com.

Source:  HG Insights