A longstanding player in the company information space, Hoover’s has upped the ante in 2010 with its new platform and site. In this latest release, Hoover’s is much improved as a resource for salespeople and  marketers, utilizing technology and quality resource partnerships to create useful tools for sales prospecting and lead generation. With the doubling of its database, Hoover’s offers more for researchers as well, with frequently updated coverage of 66 million companies in 600 industry sectors. 

Perhaps best known in the 1990s for its Handbooks, Hoover’s has transformed into a database and business intelligence service designed to deliver an in-depth overview of companies, industries, and people, serving a core market of sales and marketing professionals as well as researchers.  Based on proprietary information compiled by an in-house staff of more than 50 industry editors—utilizing sources such as public documents, company Web sites, phone interviews, industry-specific trade and market journals, and news sources—the data is updated on a regular basis to assure currency. As a member of the D&B family since March 2003, coverage in Hoover’s is now significantly supplemented by D&B company information, including a searchable prescreen score (high/medium/low), based on D&B credit reports. With the release of a new platform and site in 2010, Hoover’s enhances the ability for users to retrieve basic company profiles and industry overviews and to make business connections. Hoover’s historically has competed with OneSource and Dow Jones Companies & Executives. New players that have entered the competitive landscape include InsideView,  ZoomInfo,  LinkedIn, and Jigsaw.

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BIIA Newsletter May I – 2010 Issue