Hoover’s reported that more than 1,800 users had signed up in the first month of its beta test of its service for smart phones and iPhones. The free version includes a search tool for finding companies or executives, the ability to e-mail a profile to yourself or others, click to call, and click for directions that marks the location on a map. The paid version adds advanced search and GPS-based features. Some of these include saving a set of contacts to a call queue, address book integration and driving directions.

Soon after the full launch in January 2009, e-commerce features will be added for buying Hoover’s or D&B reports from mobile devices.  “Hoover’s is tapping into the workflow needs of the majority of its clients, salespeople, and is not at this time depending on capturing marketing dollars from advertisers,” says Chuck Richard, Vice President & Lead Analyst, Outsell Inc.  “Many of these salespeople work remotely, not in offices, and most combine business and personal use of their smartphones and iPhones.  Hoover’s sees the amount of time they spend with these devices as new virtual market territory, and this mobile offering as a massive land grab to get existing and new customers used to turning to Hoover’s while on these devices.”   Source: Outsell Insight November 20th, 2008

BIIA Newsletter November 2008 Issue