To create better experiences for both brands and consumers, Horizon Media has partnered with TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) to expand its identity capabilities. The partnership will empower more personalized marketing execution in support of people-based marketing and client advertising initiatives.

The partnership uses TransUnion’s validated identity and robust audience attribute data sets to help build Horizon’s identity spine from the ground up, creating a common ID layer to power marketing decisions across all touchpoints. Through the partnership, Horizon bolsters its own identity infrastructure, establishing a framework for reconciling disparate data sources, deepening its client’s data-driven strategies, and enabling faster connections to deliver IDs across the digital ecosystem.

The expanded identity footprint also enables Horizon to resolve individual or household identities and match, build and leverage audiences directly for its advertising clientele. As a result, Horizon’s clients can tap into this strategic data layer to execute more precise campaigns and activations with confidence.  Please visit the TransUnion’s website for more information on TransUnion’s Identity Graph Product Suite.

About Horizon Media:  Founded in 1989, Horizon Media, Inc. is headquartered in New York, and has offices in Los Angeles and Toronto. With estimated billings of $8.7 billion and over 2,300 employees, Horizon is the second largest U.S. media agency according to COMvergence data.

Source: TransUnion Press Release