Bank Systems & Technology asked a panel of industry experts to weigh in on its “2013 Forecast: The Hot Technologies That Will Define Banking.” According to the panel—which included US Bank, Aite Group, IDC Financial Insights and FICO CTO Stuart Wells — cloud, digital payments, mobility and Big Data analytics will loom even larger this year. Here’s an excerpt:

Now, more than ever before, technology plays a huge role in how banks interact with customers and conduct business. As consumers continue to move into a highly mobile, always-connected world, banks need to implement innovative solutions to meet those needs. And technology also plays a key role in analyzing and mining the massive amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, that banks now possess. And let’s not forget the important role of technology in security, as financial institutions face near-constant cyber attacks from all reaches of the globe.…

…With all that in mind, Bank Systems & Technology polled a number of industry insiders to get their take on what the hot technology will be in 2013.

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