Small businesses and freelancers just got a boost in the Asia-Pacific region.

Global payouts provider Hyperwallet just announced its partnership with Japan-based SoftBank Payment Service (SBPS). Through this effort, Hyperwallet’s ancillary office in Japan will help to expedite the payout process and options for those in the area. With SBPS’s functionality incorporated into the Hyperwallet system, clients doing transactions in the Japan region will be able to conduct same-day bank transfers.

Hyperwallet’s CEO, Brent Warrington, commented on the partnership and what it means for the company’s customers: “Hyperwallet’s partnership with SBPS will help position us for our continued growth within the Asia-Pacific region. Along with the other additions we’ve recently made to our global financial network, I can say confidently that Hyperwallet is one of, if not the most extensive payout solution in the market, and we’ll continue to expand our reach in the future.”

Partnerships like this help to ensure the fast-moving world of eCommerce and the gig economy continue to move at a swift pace with fewer interruptions.

Source: PYMNTS

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