The tool will allow readers of the economic newspaper to access the main identification data of any Spanish company.

Cinco Días has developed, in collaboration with Iberinform, a Business Directory that will allow readers of the economic newspaper to access the main identification data of any Spanish company such as its company name, NIF , legal form , registered office, contact telephone number, website, CNAE of activity, corporate purpose, as well as an evolution of its sales in recent years.

In addition to accessing the basic information of each firm through the search engine, the Business Directory it allows the user to access directories by CNAE of activity or geographical location and shows company rankings based on sales, the number of employees or lists of the latest companies.

From the directory, the reader will also be able to access the editorial content published by Cinco Días on the company consulted or on its sector. Likewise, you can also request a complete economic-financial report of the company from Iberinform. As part of the agreement, readers of Five days they will have three complete economic-financial reports at no cost from the companies they need to consult.

“Making better decisions through data is possible. As a leading data company, we have managed to facilitate business decisions through advanced analytics technology solutions and our own algorithms, with information from companies and freelancers from all over the world, showing at a glance practical and useful information for the areas of finance, risk , marketing, sales, purchases and logistics”, explained the general director of Iberinform, Ignacio Jiménez. “This joint project with one of the great editorial leaders of economic information in Spain will facilitate the immediate search for precise information on more than seven million economics agents” .

“We want to give our readers, in addition to the best economic information, the best tools to analyze the business sector,” says José Antonio Vega, director of Cinco Días. “Having first-hand official information on the business sector is a first-rate added value that we offer free of charge to our community of readers, as part of our commitment to offering readers a 360-degree view of the economy and business.”

Source:  Iberinform News