The API catalog will allow companies to reduce the economic costs and development times of their ERP, CRM or solutions based on AI and big data.

Through its own interviews with companies and freelancers and the different official records in which the business activity is reflected, Iberinform, the information subsidiary of Crédito y Caución, captures millions of data every year that it serves its clients through its own portal, Insight View. Up to now. The company has just launched a catalog with 52 APIs designed so that companies’ systems are fed directly with the corporate information they need to advance in their digitization.

According to current estimates, around 80% of Spanish companies already have some type of ERP to streamline their processes or resources and 40% have implemented some type of CRM to manage their commercial activity. “These are, in many cases, very basic models, but they point to an unstoppable trend towards the digitization of business activity around marketing and sales, financial management and risk control. Right now, around 30,000 companies are developing deep digitization models and that is where we have a lot to contribute. We have deconstructed the information we have in a catalog of data packages so that each company can take the ingredients they need when building their solutions,

Through these APIs, ERP, CRM or solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and big data (BD) will connect automatically and recurrently with Iberinform systems to update their information. The existence of these APIs will greatly facilitate the work of developers, generating significant time savings and minimizing the economic costs of software development, which will allow to promote business digitization.

Source:  Iberinform Press Release