Insight from ID Analytics’ ID Network® Helps Acxiom Expand Robust Risk Mitigation Portfolio

ID Analytics LLC and Acxiom® (Nasdaq: ACXM) announced a partnership to help businesses improve risk assessment and fight fraud. Under the terms of the agreement, Acxiom will expand its risk mitigation portfolio and promote ID Analytics solutions to their customers. The insight from ID Analytics’ ID Network will help Acxiom customers to better identify fraud risk and verify identities.

ID Analytics uses data from the ID Network®, a unique cross-industry repository of near real-time consumer information, which provides a comprehensive perspective on identity.  Over the past decade, contributions from ID Analytics’ cross-industry client base have built the ID Network into a powerful repository of consumer information for fraud detection.  This powerful repository includes visibility into a range of consumer identity data provided for account openings, wireless applications, new check orders, changes of address and Internet purchases.

“This partnership extends the value for ID Analytics’ and Acxiom’s customers,” said Eric Lindeen, Vice President, Marketing, ID Analytics. “This is just the first step in our partnership.  We see an opportunity to work even closer with Acxiom in the future to help improve the predictive nature of our products and provide even more comprehensive insight into fraud and identity risk mitigation.”

“Our agreement with ID Analytics enables Acxiom to extend ID Analytics solutions that leverage identity data from wireless, credit card and other types of accounts previously not available to our customers,” said Matt Botti, Director of Risk Products at Acxiom. “This additional data will help us to provide our customers with a more informed and comprehensive look at the identity of consumers being engaged.”

Source: ID Analytics Press Release