ID Analytics Introduces Credit Optics® Full Spectrum Portfolio to Provide Lenders With Greater Visibility Into Customer Credit Behavior

New Customer Risk Management Solution Helps Lenders Improve Decision Making and Find Growth Opportunities

ID Analytics, a Symantec company and leader in consumer risk management products and services, has announced Credit Optics Full Spectrum Portfolio, the latest extension of the company’s FCRA-compliant credit score solutions, to help organizations identify more growth opportunities and better manage risk within their existing customer base. A leading alternative credit risk solution, Credit Optics Full Spectrum combines traditional credit data and credit-relevant alternative data, such as wireless, sub-prime loan and alternative payment applications, with patented analytics. By providing organizations with a more complete picture of credit behavior, Credit Optics Full Spectrum Portfolio allows lenders to nurture strong relationships with new-to-credit customers, and increase the lifetime value of more established customers who demonstrate increasing financial performance, all while proactively managing risk.

“Credit Optics Full Spectrum Portfolio was designed to help lenders drive growth and reduce potential credit loss exposure with early insights into shifts in customer creditworthiness,” said Ajay Nigam, CEO of ID Analytics. “With the addition of ID Analytics’ portfolio solution, organizations are now able to leverage the power of the Credit Optics Full Spectrum solution for improved decision making across the customer lifecycle, from prescreen campaigns, to new customer acquisition, to account management.”

Key Credit Optics Full Spectrum Portfolio benefits include:

  • Nurture and grow new-to-credit customers – Unique visibility into new-to-credit customer behavior can help organizations foster long-term relationships.
  • Accelerate insight into growth potential – Leveraging modern lending behaviors not typically found in traditional credit scores, including telecommunications and online lending relationships, can often provide early insight into financial stability, helping organizations quickly capitalize on growth opportunities.
  • Enhance risk management decisions – Tapping into underserved markets, such as subprime and alternative finance lending, can often provide early insight into financial stress, helping organizations manage risk before it escalates.

About:  D Analytics is a leader in credit and fraud risk solutions with patented analytics, proven expertise and up-to-the minute insight into consumer behavior.

Established in 2002, our solutions provide actionable insight into credit and identity risk for enterprises that span across a number of industries. We deliver this insight through an unprecedented combination of proprietary data, patented analytics, and up-to-the minute insight into consumer behavior through the unmatched strength of the ID Network®, one of the nation’s largest networks of cross-industry consumer behavioral data. The company’s exploration into consumer identity behavior also supports an industry-leading research resource, the ID:A Labs.

Source:  ID Analytics Press Release