ID Analytics Introduces ID Connect, Providing a Seamless and Safe Consumer Experience for Digital Enrolment and Applications  ID Connect Helps Businesses Drive Higher Conversion Rates While Managing Against Fraud Risk

ID Analytics®, LLC, a leader in consumer risk management, announced ID Connect™, which helps businesses provide an easy, effective and safe way for consumers to complete the digital enrolment or new account application process.  A highly configurable, software-as-a-service solution, ID Connect is designed to help businesses from financial services to telecommunications companies and more, streamline their digital application and enrolment process, ensuring a frictionless consumer experience with two key features, ID Connect Resolution and ID Connect Photo.

ID Connect allows businesses to grow safely by increasing conversion rates while verifying the individual’s identity and managing against fraud risk. For most consumers initiating a transaction, ID Connect requires a minimal amount of information to be collected to validate the user’s identity, automatically populate fields within the application, and perform a risk assessment, completing the application process in seconds.   An optional feature, ID Connect Photo allows the user to populate an account enrollment form by capturing an image of their government-issued identification card with a mobile device.

Source: ID Analytics