BIIA NewsNews from the David Worlock Blog – Recommended Holiday Reading

David Worlock posted a blog recently with the provoking headline “Identity is the New Money”.  David Worlock commented on a book by Dave Birch’s excellent new book,” Identity is the New Money ” (London Publishing Partnership ” Perspectives ” series , 2014 ISBN 978-1-907994-12-8 ).  David recommends:  “The book should be in the travel bag of every information marketplace manager this summer”.

The book is the very best restatement he has seen of the arguments supporting the idea that the credit card is about to diminish in influence, and that as soon as it has been replaced by identity resting upon the smartphone mobile wallet, cash will rapidly follow it too. And that mobile wallet, an API generating activity , not an app, is fundamentally about our identity management and the way we express our identity.   Birch’s thesis now has real credibility, and he is able to illustrate it with case studies from around the globe.

Source:  David Worlock Blog