IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS) announced that its IHS Automotive division has formed a collaborative arrangement with Strategic Vision, a research consultancy, to help automotive clients measure consumer loyalty and consumer attitudes.  Under the arrangement, the two companies will team up to provide OEM customers around the world with insights that will help explain meaningful shifts in sources-of-sales performance:

  • IHS Automotive, driven by Polk, pioneered measurement of consumer loyalty in the automotive market. They have provided customer retention analysis and metrics on sources-of-sales performance since 1996, and have recognized the most successful US manufacturers in terms of customer retention every year with the Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards.
  • Strategic Vision is the premier authority on the values and emotions of customers, audiences and constituents worldwide.  For automotive OEMs, Strategic Vision draws upon a database of millions of customers for unique  insights into why motorists love their vehicles and how their emotions affect consumer choices for vehicle purchases.

Working together, IHS Automotive and Strategic Vision will combine and model quantitative and qualitative analysis to systematically identify the drivers of loyalty and retention, diagnose success or failure and prescribe actions to improve clients’ future marketplace performance.  Insights derived from collective offerings will be used to focus on high-impact customer concerns, manage product packaging/mix and design effective marketplace messaging, incentive offers and sales campaigns.

Source:  IHS Press Release