Vertical and niche linked data – from D&B Data Exchange partners

D&B (NYSE: DNB) introduces the D&B Data ExchangeTM.  This unique, cloud-based service provides customers one-source access to industry-specific data from select companies that join the D&B Data Exchange as partners.  All of the data is linked through the D&B D-U-N-S® Number, enabling customers for the first time to confidently combine D&B information, other providers’ content, and their own information to identify new growth opportunities across multiple industries.

Peirez D&B“The D&B Data Exchange offers one-stop shopping by combining D&B’s core information on prospects, customers, and suppliers with select data from other providers,” said Josh Peirez, President, Global Product, Marketing and Innovation, D&B. “This removes a key integration challenge currently facing customers and allows them to customize this rich information to create solutions that help them grow.”

Using D&B’s proprietary DUNSRight® matching technology, data from partners with unique data sets in vertical areas such as healthcare, technology, insurance, finance and social media are matched to a D&B D-U-N-S Number. The D-U-N-S Number enables customers to seamlessly connect multiple data sets to D&B’s information, and easily integrate it with their own. Compared to collecting data from individual sources one at a time, D&B Data Exchange provides a more efficient, trusted experience.

D&B is launching the D&B Data Exchange with three initial partners:

  • Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS) — Provides information on healthcare providers such as doctors and dentists as well as on hospitals and practices. Combining HDS data with D&B’s data enables customers pursuing healthcare markets to create campaigns focused on the type of doctors or practices that most closely match their business goals.
  • Fliptop — Provides matching of public social media profiles with a brand, customer contact or lead. Once D&B identifies the company, Fliptop provides the corporate social brand pages and contact social profiles.
  • Profound Networks — Compiles a comprehensive database of every IP address on the internet, and leverages that to provide insight on how fast company networks are growing, as well as which service providers they are using for web hosting, web analytics, eCommerce, advertising, email service providers, and more. Combined with D&B data, customers can use this information to more accurately target prospects.

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Source: D&B Press Release