European FlagThe European Commission has adopted a package of measures to stimulate new and different ways of unlocking long-term financing and support Europe’s return to sustainable economic growth.

Part four of the recommended measures is to improve SMEs’ access to financing:  The actions set out in the communication on long-term financing include improving credit information on SMEs, reviving the dialogue between banks and SMEs and assessing best practices on helping SMEs access capital markets. Raising awareness and providing information on projects are also among the key elements of the actions put forward in the communication on crowdfunding adopted today, in which the Commission proposes to:

  • promote industry best practices, raise awareness and facilitate the development of a quality label
  • closely monitor the development of crowdfunding markets and national legal frameworks
  • and regularly assess whether any form of further EU action – including legislative action – is necessary. vThe goal is to identify the issues that may need to be addressed in order to support the growth of crowdfunding.

Source:  European Commission  –  To read the full press release click on this link: Commission roadmap to meet the long-term financing needs of the European economy