Leading-Edge, Cloud-Based Marketing Platform for Life Sciences

IMS Health has acquired Appature, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company based in Seattle, to further expand its commercial services capabilities for life sciences and healthcare organizations.

Appature offers clients an innovative and patented cloud-based relationship marketing platform to address the complexities of today’s multi-stakeholder healthcare environment, and to enable the measurement and optimization of relationship marketing programs across channels.

IMS will bring together its market-leading healthcare information, analytics and managed services with Appature’s platform for customer data integration, campaign management and marketing analytics. This combination will give healthcare clients the ability to deliver integrated customer experiences and assess end-to-end marketing campaign performance, enabling them to optimize their marketing strategies and promotional spend to drive more effective engagements.

Appature’s SaaS model extends the capabilities of IMS One, the company’s commercial platform that brings IMS and third-party data together for commercial planning, execution and analytical activities. Flexible and scalable, this platform provides information and services through the cloud, enabling clients to benefit from lower costs, faster implementation and increased speed to insight. Appature provides best-in-breed capabilities in “big data” integration and cleansing, customer segmentation, multi-channel marketing campaign execution, and real-time marketing reports and dashboards.

About Appature, Inc.:  Appature, Inc. is a Seattle-based technology company that provides a “surprisingly simple” cloud-based marketing software platform, Appature Nexus, designed exclusively for healthcare and life sciences companies.

Source: Finance.yahoo.com