In a terse statement the organizers of the London Online Information Show announced that there will be no Online Information Show in 2014.

“We regret to announce the closure of the Online Information Show – the conference will not take place in 2014.  The Online Information team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our advisory board members, speakers, sponsors and delegates who have participated in and contributed to the show in previous years.  Regards,  The Online Information Team”

Password Germany, a partner of BIIA, stated that the announcement gave no reasons and fell short of giving proper acknowledgement for its supporter, sponsors and co-operation partners.  Password felt the closing statement of a prestigious show after 35 years was tantamount to a ‘third rate funeral’.   Online Information tried to migrate to Asia with a show in Hong Kong in 2011 but fell short of expectations and was discontinued.  Online Information tried to migrate to Germany but was discouraged by Password, Germany, because of competing venues such as CeBIT and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Source:  Password Germany