InboundScore is a new startup company which turns inbound website sales leads into a prioritized queue of rich prospect profiles with up to 25 pieces of actionable contact and company data.  It is inviting prospects to sign up to a free Beta test.  When the public launch comes later in the year, InboundScore will start at $29 per month, with scoring customization features and high lead counts costing extra.

InboundScore turns any email address and website URL into a detail profile including information about the contact and company.  It can automatically append up to 25 data points including contact title, bio and social networking profiles, company summary, website traffic and popularity on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. By automating this extended data aggregation one can decrease the number of required fields on sales contact forms, increase conversion rates and widen the funnel at the very top.

InboundScore automatically scores every inbound lead based on factors related to the company, contact and overall footprint of the business based on data which InboundScore culls from public and private sources.  The results can be viewed according to a prioritized queue of leads from our online account center from any web browser.  Prioritized leads mean less time wasted on low quality inbound and more time selling to most qualified prospects.

Source: VentureBeat and InboundScore