May 3rd, 2019 saw the release of the Report on the Impact Study on Credit Reporting in Cambodia produced by Neil Munroe, Principal Consultant of CRS Insights Limited, an independent consultancy firm specialising in Credit Reporting.

Neil Munroe, who is Deputy Managing Director of BIIA, has over 35 years’ experience working in the financial services and credit reporting industries and is a member of the International Committee on Credit Reporting (ICCR), chaired by the World Bank Group.

The objective of the study, undertaken at the request of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), World Bank Group and only the second one of its kind to be completed, was to identify and analyse the impact on Cambodia’s financial system, macro-economy and society of the private sector credit reporting system that was implemented in 2012.

The comprehensive study was carried out using information from the Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC), the credit reporting system provider, its lending institution members and banking regulatory and statistical authorities.

The overall conclusion of the study was that credit reporting has contributed positively in a number of ways to the development of the financial system, the economy and the wider society of Cambodia.

Findings from the report where presented at the Symposium on Credit Reporting held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on May 3rd 2019 which was jointly organised by the IFC, and the CBC  to share the latest progress in the development of the credit reporting system and its potential impact on Cambodia’s financial sector.

A copy of the study report, which also includes a number of recommendations that will enable the further development of the private credit reporting system in Cambodia, can be downloaded by clicking on this link: Impact Study on Credit Reporting in Cambodia