The Economic Times (India) reported on December 15, 2011 that its straw poll of information technology managers of major Indian firms does not indicate a down-turn.  The focus appears to be on maintaining costs flat and investing in new services:

  • In spite of global economic challenges enterprises will continue to invest in IT
  • At least six chief information officers at the country’s largest pharma, manufacturing and banking firms said they will increase spend on new technology that help link enterprise applications with mobile workforce and will keep overall IT budget the same as last year or even increase it by 1 – 3%
  • Priority for companies in 2012 is to keep maintenance cost steady and look for new initiatives to invest in

According to Gartner the telecommunications market in India is the largest segment and is expected to grow to US$54.7bn in 2012, followed by IT services market spending of US$11.1bn, computing hardware of US$ 10.7bn and software spending of US$3.2bn.

Source:  The Economic Times (India) 2011-12-15