D&B Logo 600x200While visiting India recently Bob Carrigan, CEO of Dun & Bradstreet,  said India’s progressive policies have put it in the limelight on the global map, and investors are beginning to view it as more business-friendly.

In an exclusive chat with CNBC-TV18’s Ritu Singh, its CEO and President, Bob Carrigan, said India is critical to D&B’s growth strategy, as more and more of its clients are looking to expand their business in the country. “We do business with about 90 percent on the Fortune 500. I spend a lot of time with our customers and they all have desire to grow their business.

The vast majority of those companies, they are the ones to expand their business in India, they want to extend their supply chain as part of our overall growth strategy,” Carrigan said.  He added that he saw an “incredible velocity” of growth in India. “We like all the activity in this market. We view it as a critical part of our growth strategy.”

Source: Moneycontrol.com