A Dun & Bradstreet re­search has revealed that the accelerating pace of bank­ruptcies in the US has a direct bearing on various Indian in­dustries that export goods to the US. The research points out that Chapter 7 filings in the US have increased at an average monthly rate of 5.3% over the January-October 2008 period, while Chapter 11 filings have increased at an average monthly rate of 4.3%. The D&B research has re­vealed that Chapter 11 filings for commercial businesses has increased from approxi­mately 3,600 in 2006 to an es­timated 7,900, registering a 117% rise, while Chapter 7 fil­ings has increased from ap­proximately 11,400 to an estimated 27,800 during the same peri­od, a rise of 144%.

Within ser­vices, key sub-sectors such as business ser­vices, personal services, and engineering and health ser­vices are the ones that have been adversely affected. Bankruptcies in apparel retailing constitute 8% of the total retail trade bankruptcies. The July-Octo­ber ’08 period witnessed a 50% jump in apparel retail bankruptcies compared to the entire first half. This accelerat­ing trend in retail failures in the US has a direct bearing on apparel exporters from coun­tries such as India, especially in men’s and women’s cloth­ing and women’s accessories. In manufacturing, the key sectors to be impacted are printing, industrial and com­mercial equipment, chemi­cals, fabricated metal products, food processing, auto-equipment and apparel

Transportation related equipment manufacturing/ services/trading has wit­nessed over 2,000 Chapter 7 and ll filings in 2008.  This could have an adverse impact on the auto-compo­nent sector in India. Another sector likely to impact Indian exporters is the chemical and pharmaceutical segment, which has witnessed over 1,400 Chapter 7 and 11 fil­ings. There are also over 100 bankruptcies in the jewellery segment, where Indian gems and jewellery exporters have significant exposure.

Further business bank­ruptcies are expected in 2009. This trend has severe implica­tions for Indian exporters since the US accounted for about 13% of total Indian ex­ports in FY2008. Source:  D&B India

BIIA Newsletter January – 2009 Issue