According to a study by CyberMedia Global Services the top 8 Global Outsourcing Cities includes as many as six cities led by Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi National Capital Region, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.   The remaining 2 are Dublin, Ireland and Makati City, Philippines.

In the list of the top 50 emerging destinations for global outsourcing Cebu City, Philippines (Rank 1), Kolkata (6), Chandigarh (12), Coimbatore (17), Jaipur (31).  India’s representation in the top 50 Emerging Global Outsourcing cities has grown however China is catching up:  Shanghai (2), Beijing (3), Shenzhen (10), Dalian (16), Guangzhou (23), and Chengdu (37).  The study says that with a supportive government and favorable outsourcing condition, China’s outsourcing industry is set to flourish further. Some new Chinese cities might make entry into the list next year or some of the top emerging cities might move to the top outsourcing cities’ list.

To determine delivery and consumption trends for global outsourcing services, surveys and interviews with services providers were conducted.  The data gathering methodologies were also applied to determine market and labor sizes as well as expansion strategies.   Source: CyberMedia News – MINT India

BIIA Newsletter October 2008 Issue