InfoArmy, a competitive intelligence provider is recruiting freelance researchers to build world-class Competitive Intelligence Reports with an elite community of global researchers.

According to InfoArmy a group of researchers have already earned $94,921…and counting.  How does it work?

  • Researchers are asked to choose a company that are of interest to them, then follow a guided process
  • A more experienced Senior Researcher reviews the report and helps the new recruit to publish. The data is combined with competitor data to create a sleek iPad report.
  • When the researcher’s report is published, there will be a compensation of $10.  Each time the report it is purchased, the researcher gets 40% of the proceeds, a Senior Researcher gets 10%, and InfoArmy keeps the other half.  Keep the report up to date every quarter and a researcher will continue to get paid!

InfoArmy says is on a mission to recruit an army of disciplined global researchers.  Create Competitive Intelligence Reports that customers love.  Create a report for every company on the planet – in multiple languages.  Its stated goal is to innovate and disrupt the business information industry with a model it calls Crowdsourced Competitive Intelligence.

Candidates are encouraged to be certified to become a Certified InfoArmy Research Professional (CIRP) which the company claims would be a great resume builder, and would show that one has achieved the highest level of excellence for Competitive Intelligence research.

InfoArmy is backed by Norwest Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures, two highly-regarded venture capital firms based in Silicon Valley, CA. The founding team comes from Jigsaw, one of the most successful exits of 2010 (read the Jigsaw Story). InfoArmy is headquartered in San Mateo, California and has an office in Coimbatore, India.