InfoDesk has introduced a powerful new suite of corporate intelligence solutions tailored to meet the needs of the financial services sector.  The new suite greatly simplifies real-time content gathering and distribution, offering unlimited content options, more flexible technology and greater ease of use.

“InfoDesk has been serving the finance sector for years,” said Lynn Epstein, InfoDesk COO. “What’s changed is the playing field—and we’ve responded with a ‘game changing’ new offering tailored specifically for this sector.”

To meet the changing market demands InfoDesk is offering a new suite of information integration and delivery options, including sleek financial intelligence dashboards, custom managed news services (with added human intelligence) and a wide variety of content display widgets, RSS and archive tools.

According to Epstein, the financial intelligence market is “in a state of flux right now” and InfoDesk’s unique, content neutral platform offers the perfect alternative for organizations seeking new financial intelligence solutions. InfoWatch, a sleek financial intelligence dashboard, makes keeping up with financial news and competitor intelligence faster and easier than ever. InfoWatch puts all of an organization’s most-used information resources in one place. Users can find all their industry and company news, trade publications, newspapers and press releases – all filtered just for them and all in one place. InfoWatch Dashboards also feature social media, competitor news, stock quotes and industry trends. Many financial information users have told InfoDesk that they’re being buried alive by ‘often irrelevant’ automated alerts and updates.  By contrast, InfoMonitor provides only hand-selected content, chosen for maximum relevancy and importance.  InfoDesk’s other Financial Intelligence Solutions include a variety of highly flexible content display widgets, RSS and archive tools that dramatically simplify the process of content curation and distribution.

About:  InfoDesk specializes in cutting-edge business intelligence (BI) solutions that dramatically simplify the process of content curation and distribution. InfoDesk’s BI solutions offer unlimited content options, easy-to-use content curation tools, user-friendly dashboards, interactive newsletters, and managed news services, as well as host of other highly customizable solutions.  For more than 14 years InfoDesk has helped some of the largest multinational corporations, top government agencies and media companies maximize their information resources. InfoDesk is based in Tarrytown, NY with offices in London and Washington DC.