Off-the-shelf InfoWatch Dashboard makes keeping up with corporate news and competitor intelligence faster and easier than ever

InfoDesk has streamlined its InfoWatch solution to offer off-the-shelf, corporate news and competitor intelligence dashboards that can deploy in a matter of weeks.  The newly redesigned InfoWatch Dashboard features custom-branded template designs that offer a wide variety of “plug-and-play” content options including aggregated intelligence from both free and paid sources, top industry and competitor news, trade publications and newspapers, social media feeds, stock widgets and more.

The new InfoWatch Dashboard puts all of an organization’s most-used information resources in one place. Users can find all their industry and company news, trade publications, newspapers and press releases – all filtered just for them and all in one place. InfoWatch Dashboards also feature social media, competitor news, stock quotes and industry trends.

InfoDesk (  specializes in information management solutions that help organizations integrate, deliver and share content resources more quickly, cost effectively and securely.  For more than 13 years InfoDesk has helped some of the largest multinational corporations, top government agencies and media companies integrate, deliver and share large volumes of information more effectively.