Infogroup Logo SliderLeveraging New Lotame Partnership, IAS Enables Easy and Accurate Targeting of Business Professionals and Consumers Across All Channels

Infogroup launches Infogroup Audience Solutions (IAS).  Using IAS, marketers can access a single view of a customer across display, video, email, social, mobile, Smart TV and direct mail to successfully deliver unified campaigns across online and offline channels.

IAS leverages Infogroup’s new partnership with Lotame, the universal cross-device data management platform that is humanizing the consumer decision journey. Lotame’s cross-screen data management platform (DMP) will distribute Infogroup’s offline proprietary business and consumer data into the online ecosystem. The partnership allows Infogroup to offer clients a custom, private DMP to securely store and manage their first-party data, third-party data sets and Infogroup’s proprietary data. When combined, clients have a full 360-degree profile of the prospect or customer.

“We chose Lotame to power Infogroup Audience Solutions due to their cutting-edge technology, world-class strategy, client services and tailored training for audience segment building, enabling Infogroup to maximize our data assets even further for our customers,” said Mike Iaccarino, Chairman and CEO of Infogroup. “Infogroup will create niche business and consumer datasets exclusively available via Lotame, such as our ExecuReach dataset, which recognizes almost 30 million business executives at both the office and at home for enhanced targeting.”

Infogroup customers can use models covering a wide spectrum of purchasing behaviors, as well as generate look- and act-alike models for advanced ad targeting or retargeting. Clients will also have the opportunity to monetize their own first-party data using Infogroup Audience Solutions.

“Infogroup’s decision to partner with Lotame validates our mission to provide best-of-breed technology for engaging with the right person on the right device,” said Lotame CEO Andy Monfried. “We’ll also benefit from the ability to leverage their immense data footprint, creating additional value for their clients and the broader onli
ne advertising ecosystem.”

To learn more about Infogroup Audience Solutions, click here.

About Lotame:  Lotame is the universal cross-device data management platform that is humanizing the consumer decision journey by empowering enterprises to deliver more relevant content, products, and services. Through the Lotame platform, brands, agencies, and publishers can learn more about their most valuable audiences, find prospects that look and act exactly like them, and then execute on targeted ad campaigns and content strategies. Lotame unifies and enriches the world’s data to provide clients with a more meaningful relationship with their customers, increasing commerce and brand loyalty. The company is based in New York City with offices in Maryland, San Francisco, London, Singapore, and Sydney, Australia.

Source: Infogroup