tNew Sapphire suite of products includes expanded database of 140 million prospects and integrated solutions for list services, data verification and appending, and analytics

Infogroup Media Solutions launches integrated marketing solutions providing marketers access to information on nearly every business decision-maker in North America. 

The new Sapphire suite of products, which combines several Infogroup platforms into a one-stop shop for B2B marketers, includes records on 140 million employees across all industries. Used by marketers to generate sales leads for direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns, the database includes multi-channel contact information, demographic and firmagraphic selects for prospects in every industry.

In addition to combining the capabilities of the b2bwarehouse database with Sapphire, Infogroup Media Solutions has moved several data solutions under the Sapphire brand. The suite now offers marketers a single place to identify potential customers, store and clean house files, verify and append existing customer records, and gain insights through reporting and analytics.
According to a survey conducted by Infogroup at the DMA 2014 conference, 64 percent of marketers who have made data-related investments are already seeing a positive ROI. But 53 percent said they don’t collect enough customer data, and survey respondents identified analysis (21 percent) and application (16 percent) as the biggest data-related obstacles they will face in 2015.

The Sapphire suite includes nine B2B marketing solutions under one brand:

  • Sapphire: Provides multi-channel contact information sourced from the country’s top response-driven data providers on a quarterly basis
  • Sapphire International: Covers more than 5 million contacts in 200 countries for international customer acquisition and house file enhancement
  • Sapphire Integrate (formerly b2bwarehouse): Merges customer house files with Infogroup and third-party data
  • Sapphire Verify: Checks existing customer data for accuracy and marketability
  • Sapphire eVerify: Checks email addresses in existing customer files for deliverability and recent response
  • Sapphire Append: Ensures that customer profiles are accurate and complete by adding missing data elements
  • Sapphire eAppend: Matches contact lists to verified email addresses
  • Sapphire Insight: Provides custom reporting and analytics
  • Sapphire OnDemand: Provides business with a CRM database for campaign planning and execution

About Infogroup Media Solutions

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