• The company has reported a consolidated sales volume of just under 100 million Euro, and almost reaches 63 million individually in the year of its 25th
  • Results after taxes grow by 12% and individual profits increase even more, by 39%.

At the General Shareholders Meeting of INFORMA D&B S.A.U. (S.M.E.), (subsidiary of CESCE), the leading company in Business, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information, has approved its 2017 annual accounts.  The consolidated sales volume figure of €99,940,721 must be disclosed, because it has increased by 5% compared to last year, and the results after taxes grew by 12%, reaching 11.5 million Euro.  This is the best result of the company so far, in the year of its 25th  anniversary.

Informa’s individual sales grew up 3% up to a record of €62,676,848, with a profit of 14.2 million Euro, 39% compared to the previous year. Juan Mª Sainz Muñoz, INFORMA D&B’s Chief Executive Officer states that “2016 results have been excellent, but I would specially emphasize the increase in the operating results of all the companies of the group, which shows the good health of the INFORMA group. We have doubled the consolidated operating profit in a period of three years”.

Among the milestones of 2017, the year of INFORMA’s 25th anniversary, the company has expressed its commitment to innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility.  In this regard, INFORMA maintains the policy to assign 0.7% of its profit to Corporate Social Responsibility. For the first time, this year INFORMA launched an initiative called“Tú lo haces posible” (You make it possible), to involve employees, clients and that part of the market that works with INFORMA on a daily basis.  All of them decided how to distribute the funds among three different social projects. The initiative was a success, reaching 33,500 votes from clients, partners and suppliers.

Informa launches Analytics Portfolio Management software:

In regard to innovation, the company has highlighted that 2017 has been a very important year since it has launched its own analysis and portfolio managing software called Informanager, which has reached 1,000 users in just a few months.  INFORMA has also announced that its plans for 2018 include the launching of global products for credit management and compliance management (regulatory compliance) with online information from 300 million companies from all over the world.

According to the Strategic Plan approved in 2017, it also includes other business lines that will allow the company to keep its growth and its leadership in the sector.  *The consolidation scope of INFORMA D&B S.A.U. (S.M.E.) includes the companies INFORMA D&B (Portugal), INFORMA Colombia, CTI Tecnología y Gestión S.A. (S.M.E.), Logalty S.A. (S.M.E.), Asnef Logalty S.A. (S.M.E.) and Experian Bureau de Crédito S.A.

Source: Informa D&B Earnings Release