The Board of INFORMA has presented the annual accounts for 2018. Its consolidated sales figure was € 90,518,693 with a result after taxes of € 16.1 million, which is the company’s record figure in this section with an increase of 41% compared to last year’s figures.

The consolidated figures have to take into account that in 2018 the 1% of its subsidiary Logalty was sold, which meant reducing its stake in the company to 50%, which implies that its sales are not integrated into the consolidated INFORMA Group. Taking into account the sales of Logalty, the aggregate sales figure of the INFORMA Group would exceed the barrier of 100 million sales for the first time.

On an individual level, sales were € 61,801,539, with a profit after tax of € 8.8 million.

In the words of Juan Mª Sainz Muñoz, CEO of INFORMA: “The results of 2018 have far exceeded the expectations we had, thanks to the smooth running of the usual business, where INFORMA maintains a market share of more than 60%, and the good acceptance of solutions that we have launched in this exercise, especially those related to the Compliance area “.

INFORMA is a Smart Data Company committed to innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility. We manage, with the latest Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, the largest database of Spanish business information. Applying these technologies in 2018, we have created the INFORMA data lake, from which customers could directly extract the data they need, which represents a very important technological leap.

2018 was the year of consolidation of Informanager, its own software for analyzing and monitoring the client portfolio that has exceeded the figure of 7 million real payment experiences in its payment analysis program.

INFORMA is a socially responsible company. For more than two years he has been working for the integration of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into his business strategy, within his commitment to sustainability and the UN 2030 Agenda. The company allocates 0.7% of the profits to social projects (99,540 euros in 2018), and develops numerous social initiatives collaborating with Down Madrid, the Theodora Foundation or Cris against cancer or Cáritas, among others.

On the plans for 2019, INFORMA will soon renew its web pages ( and to improve the user experience. New products are being launched that provide added value to their customers, to make it easier for them to obtain the really useful data to meet their objectives, including the customized consultancy under the OneRate brand. And also of different lines of business, as foreseen in the Strategic Plan approved in 2017, which will allow the company to continue maintaining its growth and its leadership in the sector.

Source: INFORMA Earnings Release