The company enters the select group of Spanish companies with Rating AA.

The General Meeting of INFORMA has approved the 2020 accounts that show sales of 62.6 million euros and a record profit after tax of 15.8 million euros, 63% more than the previous year.

These excellent figures have been achieved thanks to the good operational results of 2020, despite the pandemic, and the capital gains obtained from the sale of its 25% stake in the Experian Credit Bureau last November.

At a consolidated level, sales were 90.2 million euros with an after-tax profit of 14.4 million euros.

In the words of Juan Mª Sainz Muñoz, CEO of INFORMA: “2020 has been a very complicated year that we have satisfactorily resolved by continuing with our commitment to innovation and digital transformation. This has allowed us to adapt quickly to the new situation and maintain the usual business, where INFORMA has a market share of more than 60%, launching new products to help companies make their decisions safely”.

INFORMA has also communicated that the credit rating firm Inbonis (the first credit rating agency specialized in SMEs registered by the European Securities and Markets Authority) has granted it a rating of AA, thus joining the select group of Spanish companies that have this high rating.

Inbonis has highlighted the good management of the company, which has achieved net positive results every year since 1996, the extension and depth of its database, with more than 7 million national economic agents, and the stability of the business, with a quota 60% market share and loyal customers. In this sense, INFORMA has a high NPS of 48.4. This indicator measures customer loyalty and satisfaction, being good if it is higher than 0 and 50 it is considered excellent.

Regarding future prospects, Inbonis says there are almost limitless possibilities to enrich its reports with new business value data and the creation of new products, and that it also has the potential for growth through the acquisition of commercially interesting companies.

Likewise, the Inbonis rating agency has prepared the ASG evaluation report covering the Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of the Company, in which INFORMA has been rated 81/100. The three aspects have been highly valued, but especially the one related to the good governance of the Company. The ESG analysis focuses on the service that companies provide to society and its effects on current and future results.

Finally, the company has announced the sale of its stake in legaltech Logalty to MCH Private Equity, 10 years after joining the company.

INFORMA is a Smart Data Company committed to innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility. We manage, with the latest Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, the largest database of Spanish business information.

INFORMA is a socially responsible company. For more than two years, it has been working to integrate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into its business strategy, within its commitment to sustainability and the UN 2030 Agenda. The company allocates 0.7% of the profits to social projects (67,685 euros in 2020), and develops numerous social initiatives collaborating with various institutions. In 2020, the action plan was rethought to focus on the most urgent needs caused by Covid-19.

Source:  INFORMA Press Release

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