InformaINFORMA D&B , (company CESCE), one of the leading companies in Spain providing Business Information, Finance and Marketing, reports consolidated revenue for 2014 of € 86,156,995, an increase of 3.1%  from the previous year.   INFORMA D&B consolidated revenues include the results of its international subsidiaries: INFORMA COLOMBIA, INFORMA D&B PORTUGAL and national: CTI, Technology and Management , DBK , Logalty , ASNEF Logalty and OneRate.

INFORMA D&B Spain has achieved revenue of 55.8 million euros, representing an increase of 1.2%, improving its profit after tax by 25.3% to reach 8,079,085 €.

Juan Maria Sainz Muñoz, CEO – CEO of INFORMA D&B stated: “In 2014 we are back on the path of growth in group sales.  I hope this trend continues thanks to the recovery of the Spanish economy.”

Informa is the 1st company in its sector to publish their company results in 2014 and has announced its commitment to spend 0.7% of profits in 2014 on Social Action programs, as reflected in its commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Source:  Informa Press Release