INFORMA has launched Informanager, a novel solution to manage information about companies that improves the user’s interaction possibilities to access the data they need and make decisions quickly, minimizing the commercial risk of their clients. 

In the third quarter, the payment term of Spanish companies stood at 84.30 days, with an average delay of 11.15 days over the agreed period. These delays represent a direct cost for the entire Spanish business fabric of more than 1,300 million euros. One of the main advantages offered by Informanager is that it facilitates commercial decision making, thanks to the analysis of the data of the companies included in the INFORMA D & B database, more than 280 million worldwide, taking into account their own user criteria.

In the words of Conrado Martínez, Marketing and Communications Director of INFORMA D & B: “Until now, commercial information tools focused on analyzing the maximum amount of data of each company studied. Informanager adds a new dimension to the study of client portfolios. The idea is to be able to start each morning by looking at the general evolution of your client portfolio, analyzing the possible changes to not only prevent risks but also take advantage of opportunities “.

Among the novelties of this service are that it allows the interaction between the information of the platform and the user’s own data, configured with the same criteria that it does in its business, and that facilitates the automation of decision-making about risk, thanks to the Analysis of all these data according to the established criteria. It also allows the management of multiple users with different levels of access to it.

The user will be able to perform a multivariate analysis of the situation and distribution of his debt, evaluate commercial credit admission applications and access exclusive information, such as analyzing the payment behavior of his clients, which will help reduce debt of your clients and to have a global vision of the situation in a clear and simple way.

The main modules of the tool are:

  • Dashboard: Where you have a complete view of the situation of customers and the company’s outstanding debt and which allows you to see which are those that have a greater risk of default.
  • Portfolio manager: To group and analyze companies by the most convenient structure for the user at all times.
  • Alerts: To be informed in real time of the changes that interest.
  • Analysis of payments: With unique indicators and access to exclusive information on 1.6 million payment experiences.
  • Admissions: Offers a recommendation on a commercial operation based on the know-how of INFORMA D & B and the risk policies of the company itself, which saves time by automating some of the decisions.
  • Documents: A space in the cloud of INFORMA D & B where to store files and be able to share them without taking up space for the company.

Source: Informa Press Release