Outsell Signature Event:  October 5-7 October 2016 at Hotel Corinthia, London 

Anthea Stratigos_ 2014 ColorWe’ve been tracking and analyzing the world of information, media and its convergence with technology since 1998. We’ve been at the forefront of ground-breaking events for the industry, and were the first firm to even call the different sectors of the information industry an industry. You see newspaper ‘guys’ used to hang out with newspaper guys. B2B trade media firms, hung out with B2B trade media firms, consumer magazines hung out with other consumer magazines and the world behaved in nice, neat, orderly boxes. But in 1998 when we started the firm, our founders had high-technology roots. And we could see the internet and its writing on the wall. We could see a common platform striking, tearing down walls, and desegregating industry neighborhoods. We could see that Google and Yahoo! were competitors to Factiva and Dialog (and took heat for saying it), and we called TechTarget a competitor to Gartner before their business models collided. WE looked at the industry through users eyes’ and when we saw what users saw we saw competition in new and intractable ways with the landscape forever changing.

Today we are an information industry because news is in embedded in others’ solutions, b2b is converging with professional education and certification. Users consume books, movies, games, news, from a myriad of platforms, the largest of which didn’t exist a decade or so ago. It’s indelibly changed and changing and the pace of change is picking up and the cycles of technological change shaping our industry happening in ever and ever quickening loops making everything from scholarly publishing to comic books ever different.

We talk about these changes and the essential actions they be beget each year and co-produced with JEGI, great partner. This year we come full circle to our 2007 inaugural event “A View into the Future” and nod as 10 years later we are at an “Industry at a Tipping Point”, where at our 10th anniversary in London, 5-7 October at Hotel Corinthia, we’ll bring the industry’s brightest minds together to talk about what’s ahead. Because our industry is at a tipping point and at Outsell we don’t believe it’ll be recognizable when we come out of the next industry recession and tech cycle.  

At this event, we’ve driven innovation, celebrated, no guts, no glory in the industry’s deepest recession, driven growth in the age of experience and found new revenue in all the right places. We’ve challenged our industry’s leaders to break and reset, to drive revenue in the new normal and embrace ConvergenceNow. Last year we spoke about Success in the Digital Machine Age and this year, as we head to 10, we’re focused on the information industry at a tipping point—all themes of this don’t miss event. It’s by-invitation for CEOs, COOs, Presidents & Managing Directors across all sectors of the global information industry. This year’s the program addresses the hottest topics and most important trends, introduces our ‘growth tank’ for start-ups challenge, where everyone gets to participate, and visit case studies in transformation and leading edge innovation that has lessons and inspiration for us all. You’ll meet new people, network, get deals done, slow down to speed up, and navigate our industry at a tipping point. It’s priceless and an experience we promise you’ll never forget. To request your invitation, contact us.

Outsell 300 NewWe can’t wait to see you in October.

Source:  Outsell Inc.