The members of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) are currently engaged in the periodic debate over how the UPU will be structured, and what its strategy and work agenda will be, after the next governing Congress in 2012. The private sector body of the UPU, the Consultative Committee, debated at its recent meeting at the UPU what that work program should be.

The following proposals of the Executive Director of GADA were inspired by that debate.  They specifically regard one of the four goals of the proposed work agenda, “Goal 3Promote innovative products and services, within the 3-dimensional network: physical, electronic, and financial.”  Underlying this Goal are four proposed “programs”. This paper is built on the comments made by the Executive Director during that debate and is offered to a wider audience as a starting point for industry discussion of the topics it covers.

The reader may proceed beyond the More Tag below, but is warned that the paper is 8 pages long, and lacks any pictures or designs.  In the alternative, you may download a pdf of the document here: Thoughts for the UPU on Innovation (46)

Source:  The Prescott Report