Interactive Data Corporation announced a strategic collaboration with SAP that will enable clients to simply plug their applications into Interactive Data’s data store, allowing them immediate access to the most up-to-date Interactive Data content on demand.

Data acquisition, integration and maintenance are some of the biggest challenges in developing and running applications to drive business in today’s highly competitive capital markets. Interactive Data and SAP are collaborating to combine the power of Interactive Data’s global pricing and reference data content with SAP Sybase RAP software, enabling clients to benefit from full and open query rights across multiple asset types, geographies and markets based on their subscription options.

“In the new world of cross-asset, cross-currency and cross-geography investment strategies, financial professionals need fast, open access to easily queried financial data from within their preferred applications, without the delays arising from processing bulky file transfers or using complicated interfaces,” said Andrew Hausman, President, Pricing and Reference Data, Interactive Data.

By leveraging Interactive Data’s global content and SAP’s technology expertise, Interactive Data will enable clients to easily screen and analyze data across asset classes and geographies in support of new investment and trading strategies, using timely data seamlessly integrated with the applications already in use by the clients in the middle and front office.

SAP Sybase RAP will enable Interactive Data to simplify connectivity between Interactive Data’s content servers and Microsoft Excel or their clients’ proprietary and off-the-shelf applications, such as OMS, EMS and risk systems.

“Combining SAP’s powerful integrated platform with Interactive Data’s content is another step toward delivering quality, high performance solutions to the industry,” said Ross Wainwright, Global Head of Financial Services Industries at SAP.