“Transforms reference data from cost to competitive edge

Interactive Data Corporation, a provider of global pricing, reference and corporate actions data, today announced the launch of ApexSM, an innovative suite of reference data services. Apex provides financial institutions with the ability to access and employ data for over 10 million current and historical instruments across an extensive range of asset classes.  Apex data rich applications will include intraday file delivery, event based messaging, web-services application program interfaces, and a fully managed database service.

Growing market, regulatory and cost pressures make new strategies that offer flexibility and long-term cost efficiencies vital to data management operations.  Built upon a multi-million dollar infrastructure investment that supports a rich data model, an innovative business application layer and a suite of market-leading interfaces, Interactive Data has created a unique approach to employing descriptive, corporate actions and pricing data.  The Apex suite of reference data services will deliver industry leading data quality and consistency. Leveraging standard technologies such as XML, Apex has been specifically designed to make data integration significantly easier, while increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Source:  Bobsguide.com