Members of the consumer credit reporting industry are cordially invited to attend a meeting of BIIA members to discuss the formation of APCCIS**, a special initiative of BIIA members which is to focus on industry advocacy for Consumer Credit Information Services in the Asia Pacific, South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle Eastern regions.

BIIA members with operations in consumer credit information services (credit bureaus) in Asia and the Middle East have expressed a need for a more focused effort by BIIA on specific issues related to consumer credit information.  In a recent meeting the following key needs were identified (not necessarily in the order of priority):

  • Cross Border Transfer of Consumer Data
  • Consumer Education
  • Skill Development
  • Industry Advocacy

BIIA has been very active in the past, on behalf of its members, on regulatory matters concerning consumer and commercial credit information in the region (China for instance) and BIIA participated in the World Bank taskforce on general principles for credit reporting.  BIIA – APCCIS has participated in recent APEC meetings on Microfinance, Financial Inclusion and Financial Literary.

BIIA recognizes that further resources have to be tapped to serve the increasing needs of members concerning privacy and regulatory issues.  BIIA’s managing director Joachim C Bartels and BIIA board member Phil Cotter will present the concept of APCCIS and lead the discussion.

We look forward to your participation in this important effort and welcome any further input which you may have.  There is no fee associated in attending this event.  If you have any further questions please to not hesitate to contact


Joachim C Bartels

Managing Director

** APCCIS is the acronym for Asia Pacific Consumer Credit Information Services (a division of BIIA).

APPCIS will have three main objectives:  Firstly to play a leading role in helping to educate and inform the public in these regions about the role of consumer credit information in lending decisions.  Secondly to assist members in developing the skills necessary for operating in today’s regulatory and commercial environment. Finally APPCIS will represent its members in important industry and regulatory forums, ensuring that their views are properly represented.  APCCIS will be a not-for-profit institution, owned and managed by the Business Information Industry Association (
For further information click on the link:  APCCIS invitiation letter Oct 24 – 2012 Taiwan Meeting