While the 8th WCCRC in Taipei is less than three months away, it’s time to start planning for the 2014 Conference. The Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers and the Consumer Data Industry Association partner with a third company to host the Conference in an appropriate global venue. This is a process open to any company or entity that would like to be the official host of an event that draws approximately 250 delegates from around the world. These delegates represent the leading global credit bureaus with attendance by key lenders, central banks and other government organizations.

In the past, the WCCRC has been held in Rome, San Francisco, Sydney, Beijing, Cape Town, Rio de Janiero, Berlin and this year in Taipei. These cities have offered delegates a rich cultural and historical backdrop in which to learn the latest issues affecting credit reporting. Just as important as experiencing the latest trends and topics related to credit reporting is the chance to network with peers from other regions of the world.

Organizing the Conference requires a great deal of work. But the rewards that come from hosting the Conference are very gratifying as well. If your company would like to host the 2014 Conference, please click here to download and fill out the attached RFP and submit it before September 15. It outlines the considerations that are important when hosting the Conference. You can e-mail it to Norm Magnuson at nmagnuson@cdiaonline.org. If you have any questions, you can e-mail them to the same address. ACCIS and CDIA will review each bid that is submitted with the principal objective being to organize and sponsor a Conference that is as successful and well-received as previous World Consumer Credit Reporting Conferences.

Source:  The 9th World Consumer Credit Reporting Conference Organizing Committee www.cdiaonline.org and www.accis.eu