IRON Solutions Logo_Color_10 24 12 AIRON Guides from Iron Solutions will now include valuations and specifications for Mahindra tractors, the top-selling tractor in the world.

Beginning with the September 2013 updates to the print and digital versions of the IRON Guides, valuations and data for Mahindra tractor models since 2003 will be included. Dealers, lenders, and producers will be able to leverage the information in their sales, trade-in, and financing decisions.

IRON Guides valuations are based on daily collection of sales transaction data, providing values for all options.  IRON Guides analyze the prices of actual sales transactions in light of base specifications, options, and adjustments for condition and hours of use. That provides far more than just an average of retail price listings, enabling valuations that account for the many factors involved in equipment sales.

Source:  IronSolutions Press Release