Douglas Kaplan, Chief Executive Officer of LexisNexis Asia, Legal had planned to speak at the BIIA Forum 2011 on March 24th 2011.  However, the events in Japan prevented him from attending our conference.  He sent the following message which was read at the opening session to the audience by David Worlock, Chairman of BIIA:

“As you know on March 11 at 2:46pm Japan time, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit in Japan.  I was in the LexisNexis Tokyo office at the time. The shaking seemed to last forever, but in actuality it was less than 2 minutes. The subsequent failure of telecommunications and public transportation complicated the situation. Luckily all LN Japan team members were able to get home safely by 4 am and reunited with family.

The ongoing situation with the Fukushima nuclear plant has added additional issues. Initially, the LN Japan team was asked to stay home as Tokyo struggled with rolling black outs and uncertainty. Tuesday, we returned to work. This seemingly routine event is an important milestone as people begin to rebuild their lives in the wake of this disaster.

Our immediate priorities are to focus resources to help our team members to work through the aftermath of this tragedy. At the same time, we have quickly activated a backup office in Osaka to ensure continuity of our services.

Thanks for understanding the situation and letting our voices be heard…it is really quite a trauma and beyond what anyone can imagine could happen in this world so close to any of us, but the Japanese will move on, they are amazing.”

Hideaki Magara, CEO of Tokyo Shoko Research responded to BIIA’s message of condolences:  “I really appreciate your thoughtful message. It was really a big earthquake and some of our offices are damaged actually, but our colleagues are all fine, which we have confirmed in this morning.  The hard times are not over, but we will overcome this difficulty for sure.”