Recognition Comes as LexisNexis Risk Solutions Continues to Enhance Existing Capabilities that Help Businesses Refine and Improve Marketing Strategies

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is proud to announce that C Level Focus Magazine has selected Jennifer Lemming, senior vice president of global marketing, as one of the Top 10 Most Successful Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) of 2021. The award acknowledges exceptional marketing professionals that have pushed barriers and created visionary ways to progress their businesses.

Lemming is committed to optimizing performance by using data-driven insights to inform both the LexisNexis Risk Solutions marketing strategy and the customer acquisition solutions the company develops to help clients identify and engage with the best prospects for their risk profiles. That is most evident in LexisNexis® Profile Booster, which combines access to alternative data with linking technology to create a more extensive view of prospective customers that augments existing marketing data sources. The result is a well-rounded identity profile that improves targeting accuracy, increases marketing ROI, boosts response rates and helps decrease customer acquisition costs.

Customers describe LexisNexis Risk Solutions as a trusted data analytics provider, a market leader, a company that understands their business and a provider of actionable information. These attributes came from customer engagement rooted in the engineering of a customer-centric marketing program carefully crafted and executed by Lemming and the team of modern marketers she has assembled and nurtured. Lemming’s approach to embracing change, commitment to the free expression of ideas, collaborative spirit, perseverance and results-driven methodology serves as a model for others as they strive to evolve and grow into great leaders.

Source:  LexisNexis Risk Solutions Press Release