kreditech 100Kreditech, the consumer finance technology Group, appointed Oliver Prill joined as Chief Operating Officer.

Oliver Prill (43) has over 15 years experience in the wholesale and retail financial service industry.  Before joining Kreditech he served as an advisor to a number of funds and banks operating in the consumer finance space. He was Chief Executive of Optanus, a boutique focused on consumer and small enterprise debt resolution in Germany. In 2006, Oliver launched C&A Bank, a fully licensed bank in Germany and served as Chief Executive until 2012. Prior to this, he held the position of Managing Director, Retail Direct Europe at The Royal Bank of Scotland, growing the Continental European consumer finance business from 500m to 2bn EUR receivables. Between 1999 and 2002, Oliver was Managing Director, E-Commerce at Direct Line Group, the UK based insurance business, leading its initial web-enablement and turning the Group into the UK internet insurance market leader. He started his career at McKinsey London where he extensively consulted across the financial services industry. Oliver holds a Bachelor in Economics from London University, a Master in Finance from Cambridge University and a Doctorate in Economics from Oxford University.

About Kreditech

The Kreditech Group uses big data and complex machine-learning algorithms to serve a simple mission: “Building a ‘digital bank’ for the unscored worldwide.” The Kreditech Group is split into two parts: “Kredi” stands for the subsidiaries operating as financial service providers that issue credit to private individuals. The second part, “tech” is the Hamburg-based tech company – Kreditech Holding – developing banking technology and providing supporting services. Based on 20,000 data points, its proprietary technology allows financial service providers to acquire, identify, score, pay out and upsell customers within seconds. Automated processes combined with self-learning algorithms ensure fast and convenient customer service while minimizing costs and space for human error.

The Kreditech Group’s subsidiaries operate in nine countries. Deploying the technology, they offer products from risk based loans and microloans developing to more complex financial services to consumers such as prepaid credit cards. Founded in 2012 by Sebastian Diemer (CEO) and Alexander Graubner-Müller (CTO), Kreditech Group has a revenue run rate of USD >50m and a team of 250 passionate employees from over 40 nations.

Source: Kreditech Press Release